A Clearing sale is an on-property auction sale of farm equipment, garden tools and general house hold items. Usually everything is offered for sale from large tractors, vehicles, implements, right through to workshop equipment, livestock, surplus grain and even collectable items stored in sheds for many years. Smaller items can attract interest from farmers and the general public searching for a bargain. Generally the farm equipment and machinery are in good condition and ready for use by the next owner. 

A complete listing of each clearing sale is provided below. In addition photographs of many of the items are provided up to 2 weeks before the sale. We do not take photos of every listed item.

If you would like us to advertise your clearing sale, visit the contact us area of this site and phone or send us an email.

Latest Clearing Sales


Friday 3rd December at 10am


675 Simpsons Creek Road, Newmerella

A/c GA Jonkers

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